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 Application - MousemanLV

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PostSubject: Application - MousemanLV   Sat Aug 13, 2011 4:37 am

LFS username: MousemanLV (IG name - known as Granny)
Full name: Elvis
Age: 15
Email or msn: mabakos@ inbox. lv (MSN)
Country and time zone: Latvia (GMT+2)
Languages spoken: Latvian, English, Russian (15/100).
Total KM on the TC servers: 2400
Time online per day: Around 3 hours.
Interested of joining in other teams, like TC for example: N/A.
Admin/moderator experience on other forums: I've been moderating tons of community forums, mostly they've been foreign ones.
Controller used: DFGT + e-brake(been using such setup now for 3 years)
Anything else: Alright.. I've been playing on TC since 2010, yet I wasn't really active for about 8 months. In that period when I was still active on TC, I met few, friendly guys.. One of them was ''ICE'', yet i'm not sure if he remembers me, since it was a quiete long time ago. One of the main reasons to join CSR would be the community. CSR consists of friendly people and it would be a great chance to become part from CSR. Also, I would like to remind that i'm a member of a drift team, so hopefully that won't be an obstacle to join such a friendly clan/team. Yet, I only use my drift teams tag when i'm mostly at drift servers. So, if you're wondering about what's the name of that team - It's Nopi Drift.. Prolly you haven't heard about it, but it was developed back in 2007 and had won few Drift Series, one of them would be Saiko D and WorX, also nominated as the best drift team of the 2008 !
Also, as I mentioned before - the reason why I would like to join CSR is to enjoy my leisure time at TC and have great fun.
Best regards,
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PostSubject: Re: Application - MousemanLV   Tue Aug 16, 2011 2:39 am

Hello, MousemanLV.

I do regret to tell you, that you unfortunately do not meet the requirements to join CSR.

If you would like to know more about why you do not meet them, please PM me or Ice.

Kind regards,
CSR Management.
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Application - MousemanLV
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